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‘In the Flesh’ is a 28 paged self-made zine. Printed as a large newspaper broadsheet, it celebrates live music, concert culture, the physical aspect of music and the emotional attachment audience members have with these experiences. The reason and intention behind its designing is to encourage readers to attend live music events more often. Due to the growing popularity of streaming (and most recently Covid-19), music venues and grassroots artists are facing a decline in popularity and revenue, causing several venues to close down.


Photography by: 

Cody Ross Cowan

Paco Poyato

Patrick Gunning 


Words by: Amie Woodyatt

Printed by: Newspaper Club

The zine is printed on a newspaper format size 350 x 500 mm to embody similar qualities as the music genres represented within: it’s loud, in your face, has a strong physical presence, and is interactive. If ‘In the Flesh’ were printed on a glossy magazine, reader’s would be more careful when handling it and leaving fingerprints, whereas newspapers are all that more flexible, malleable, and resilient. 

Since ‘In the Flesh’ is printed without any binding, the pages can be easily taken apart. For that reason, a poster is included inside for readers to take out and hang up. The poster, and other pages, include quotes used by people describing experiences and emotions associated to live music performances (taken from a live survey created for the magazine’s creation), making it that much more personal.

Along with the designing of the zine, I created a collection of 10 button pins to resonate with the vibrancy of live music merchandise. With every zine, not only will the reader have a glimpse at the culture and have a chance to feel the emotions related to live music, but accessorise like a live music fanatic as well.

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